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In the school year 2015-16, COA initiated a "soft" roll out of a potential arts grant program that would allow anyone involved with East Greenwich schools to propose a program and apply for funding.


Programs and initiatives that have been supported range from multi-cultural artist residencies to Shakespeare and "Stomp" and school drama programs.


The program is currently under revision by a committee to improve and expand upon COA's ability to offer appropriate funding to where it is needed most.


To receive more information, guidance on the application process and a link to the application, please contact us at

Grants Awarded by COA 2013-current

Project and School

EGHS Drama Tech Crew Workshops (3) EGHS   

PBS/WSBN Membership for "Shakespeare Uncovered" program EGHS

Art Project: Korean Lotus Lantern Workshop by the Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project Cole

Drama Club production of "Newsies" EGHS

Glass Blowing Field Trip Cole                  

Senior Buddies/Project Earth Performance Eldredge

Great East Music Festival Field Trip Cole         


Partial funding for new Yamaha portable sound system, mic's and mic stands Eldredge

EGHS Drama Club grant support for winter musical EGHS

Hanaford Drama/PTG sponsorship Hanaford

Cole Drama Club; Audition workshops with Eden Casteel & ad in program Cole


Frenchtown Play; "Aesop's Fable-ous Barnyard Bash" (80 children) Frenchtown

Providence Improv Guild Workshops Cole 

AfterProm  EGHS

EGHS Drama/Auditorium LED cyc lights for stage  EGHS  

EGHS Auditorium improvements (CD Player and rack system for sound booth)  all schools 

Field Trip to Ocean State Theater to see "Inherit the Wind " EGHS    

EGHS Drama funding for "Les Miserables"            

Dancing in Rwanda; presentation by Rwandan refugee (Clementine) traditional African dance  Cole


"Shakespeare Now! Romeo & Juliet" EGHS 


Moldover composer, musician, instrument maker introduces students to the art of controllerism EGHS 


Great East Music Festival (135 students) perform and receive feedback Cole

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