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Programs 2018-2019 

"Funda Fest" by
RI Black Storytellers

"Funda" means to teach and learn in Zulu and Kiswahili. As part of the annual celebration of black storytelling in Rhode Island in January, various storytellers came to "edutain" our elementary school students!

Hampstead Stage Co. Performs adaptation of "Treasure Island"

Students at all four elementary schools enjoyed a fresh adaptation of the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson performed by two young professional actors. The experience was complete with a set, props and costumes! After the performance, the children asked insightful questions such as "How did you start with acting?" and "How do you change costumes so fast?" at which point the actor changed costumes while the students counted down 14 seconds! #nationalcoreartsstandards Responding & Connecting

Salt Marsh Opera presents "Kids Love Opera" workshops

Cole 6th grade music students and their teachers attended a live performance of the classic opera "The Magic Flute" by W.A. Mozart in April. They also experienced in-school visits with an opera singer and accompanist prior to the performance.


LADAMA is an ensemble of female musicians from across the Americas performing modern, soulful and vibrant original compositions that celebrate cross-cultural, Pan-American collaboration with South American and Caribbean rhythms and songs sung in Spanish, English and Portugese. Performances at Frenchtown, Meadowbrook, Cole and EGHS

Destiny Africa

Destiny Africa Children’s Choir (inspirational music, drumming, stories and dance that provides an educational interactive experience to learn more about Ugandan culture) performed at Frenchtown, Meadowbrook, Hanaford, Eldredge, and twice at Cole in addition to a few classroom visits. They returned in October for a performance at EGHS.

Marvelous Marvin

Marvelous Marvin performed his “Magic of Science” presentation for all students at Meadowbrook school. Marvin’s program demystifies the scientific process, explains experiments and links the work of artists and scientists. Students learn about invention, photosynthesis, life cycle and air pressure - with lots of laughter!

State Ballet of RI Performance of Coppelia

Students from Eldredge and Hanaford schools enjoyed a field trip to the Park Theater in Cranston to see the State Ballet of RI perform the witty and enchanting love story of a dancing doll, "Coppelia" in December thanks to Principal Beth Cauley's inspired idea and bus funding from the PTG's

Original Play Performance of "Four Legs to Stand On"

In partnership with East Greenwich Drug Counselor, Bob Houghtaling, CWC and COA presented a performance by COAAST: Creating Outreach About Addiction Support Together for East Greenwich High School students. This original play explores addiction, loss, recovery, family dynamics surrounding opioid addiction followed by a powerful & engaging post-performance talkback.

Korean Culture &
Lotus Lantern Workshop

Art teachers Nina Reiner and Lisa Offiler organized a free after school program for Cole students (sponsored by COA) to learn about Korean Culture and make handmade Lotus Lanterns.

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